Homeschooling Coach

As a Homeschool Coach, I help parents foster a love of learning in their children by using the child’s interests and the ways they learn best while focusing on the connection between parent and child.

As a Homeschool Coach, I want to coach parents and caregivers of preschool and elementary-aged children, who want to give their kids a great education via homeschooling, but don’t know how to start or how to make it better if it’s not going very well.

As a Homeschool Coach, I want to guide parents to help their children feel seen, respected, confident, and successful in their learning and social-emotional development is also a huge part of a successful homeschooling program. My goal is to help moms and dads create an atmosphere free of pressure and filled with loving guidance.

As a Homeschool Coach, I want parents and caregivers to know that they can do this! Homeschooling can be rewarding, fun, and effective, but it’s also challenging and requires a lot of patience and creativity. I’m here to help guide you through the ups and downs, answer your questions, and calm your anxieties.



• How am I different from other homeschool experts/moms?

My approach is distinct from others. My primary focus is not on daily lesson plans and replicating the school experience in the home, but rather provides a framework that parents can use to look for creative ways to support learning and include the child in their own education.

• What can I teach parents that will make a positive difference in their homeschooling curriculum?

Teaching parents to trust what they know about their children (personality, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses) and build up the parents’ confidence in themselves and their ability to teach their children without recreating a school setting and using one-size-fits-all curricula

What is it I wish my coaching clients knew about homeschooling?

It shouldn’t ever be a power struggle with your child. The child shouldn’t feel miserable having to do school work at home and that it doesn’t have to resemble standardized education. Homeschooling allows for children to learn in ways that are developmentally appropriate without the pressure of meeting arbitrary learning goals. This enables the child to feel supported and successful in their learning and fosters a love of learning and the confidence to try things that are new and/or challenging.