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Multicultural Children's Book Day free Homeschool Kit

I know of something new (and FREE) for homeschooling families. ⁠And, I’m one of the contributors!

Not long ago, the global non-profit, Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in contributing to their World Travel from your Homeschool Table: A Diverse Kidlit Booklist & Activity Kit for Homeschoolers and Distance Learners classroom kit. These free kits are usually created for traditional classrooms, but with the uptick of families switching to homeschooling, they wanted something that would benefit this specific group of learners.

In case you were wondering,  Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) is an online and offline celebration that attracts thousands of supporters, educators, parents, caregivers, book reviewers, and quality authors and publishers– who all join forces to shine the spotlight on diversity in children and YA literature.

Celebrated annually on the last Friday in January, this global non-profit offers a plethora of free resources, teaching tools, booklists, downloads, and a year-around initiative to get multicultural and diverse books into the hands of young readers.

I’ve been a supporter of this children’s literacy initiative for many years now and I’ve not only been an Author Sponsor, but I’m also a CoHost. Both of these roles bring me much joy while also working to spread the word of my books and author branding.

Knowing I was a homeschooling mom who also happened to be writing a book on the subject (my book Homeschooling Out of the Box will be available in late 2020), Project Manager, Becky Flansburg, reached out to me and asked if I could contribute some of my expertise and experience on the subject. Becky also happens to be a homeschooling mom so she understands that the booklist list and companion activities would be somewhat different than a traditional public school classroom.

I am very proud to say that my contribution, is now part of World Travel from your Homeschool Table: A Diverse Kidlit Booklist & Activity Kit for Homeschoolers and Distance Learners

My article in this free downloadable PDF is called 5 Tips for Homeschooling and it was written by new and veteran homeschooling parents guide their practice as a homeschool teacher and offer up some new and fun ways to keep kids learning.

Here are some other nuggets of gold that you can expect with MCBD’s newest FREE Downloadable Kit

Diverse Picture Book Recommendations and Activities for Explorers ages 4-12

A Bonus Booklist from our 2020 Activists and Activism Classroom Kit!

Special Homeschool Activities for Young Explorers Courtesy of:

  • Barefoot Books!
  • Language Lizard!
  • The Pack-n-Go Girls!
  • KidLitTV!

Homeschool Advice, Wisdom, and Resources Courtesy of:

  • 5 Tips for Homeschooling courtesy of Homeschooling Mom and Author, Afsaneh Moradian
  • 3 screen-free ways to help kids feel connected during COVID courtesy of the Barefoot Books Team
  • Building Culturally Responsive Home Classrooms that Celebrate Diversity courtesy of Anneke Forzani, CEO of Language Lizard, LLC
  • FREE Multicultural Lesson Plans courtesy of Anneke Forzani, CEO of Language Lizard, LLC

Head over to the MCBD website get the full scoop on this awesome project or just sign up to grab your copy immediately: FREE Downloadable Kit


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